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Just stay calm. You saved me, now I return the favor. Just believe in me.


Name: Martha Jones
Age: 23ish
Canon: Doctor Who
Appearance: Petite (5'2") Dark skin, dark hair, brown eyes. Hair is straight and typically up Tattoo on right shoulder
NOTE: All information concurrent to latest entry point in game. She has entered some games from an earlier entry point. Most common entry points: Post season 3 finale, Post season 4 finale, Post Tom break-up.


Ever since age 8, when she watched the doctors fix up her broken arm, Martha wanted to be a doctor. She found the workings of the human body fascinating, and she desperately wanted to help people. To make them better. This dream defined her growing up. She spent much of her time shut up in her room (decorated with posters of the skeletal system, the nervous system, the circulatory system, etc.) studying rather than playing with kids her age. Through discipline and not a small bit of intelligence, Martha succeeded in getting into medical school.

Obviously Martha is very intelligent in the matters of the sciences. To be a doctor and to get through medical school, one must make top marks and understand many of the inner workings of the body. They must also have enough discipline to study long and hard rather than shirking their duties. It is safe to say that, since Martha was working on her fellowship, she is both intelligent and diligent. Furthermore, the best doctors also have a decent bedside manner. They have to keep calm in all situations and handle not only unruly patients but also unruly patient visitors.

Martha has had plenty of experience mediating between upset people, as she seems to be her family mediator. Her parents divorced when she was younger and, the minute one family member called her up to complain about the other, they all did. Martha was able to calmly work through the problems though it didn’t make them go away. Though they did fight, Martha was very close to her family and would always try to help them out no matter how frustrating they are at that moment.

Aliens have publicly visited Martha’s world at least four times. While most people have managed to explain the visits as something else, Martha fully believes that they are aliens. What else would explain the Christmas Star, the ghosts, the other spaceship at Christmas, and of course, the one that took out Big Ben? Thus Martha does not panic when Royal Hope hospital ends up on the moon one day. In fact, instead of panicking like every other person in the hospital, she calmly walks to a door and stares in wonder. Perhaps it is the curiosity that drew the Doctor to her. He clearly is impressed with her no nonsense way of deciding it’s safe to breathe and there must be an air bubble.

It is in this first adventure together, in the hospital on the moon, that Martha proves to the audience that she will do whatever it takes to save everyone, even at the cost of her own life. Knowing that air is running out and seeing the Doctor not breathing on the floor, Martha uses her last breath to keep him alive because she knows he’s the only one who can save the hospital. Luckily, he’s able to save her. (It is revealed in a later season, during an alternate timeline, that Martha gave up her last breath to save another student in her fellowship who ended up being the only survivor… again proving her desire to save others even at the cost of her own life.)

When the Doctor offers her a trip on the TARDIS, just one, she happily accepts. As much as she loves her family, Martha is tired of the fighting. Tired of constantly being in the middle of everything. She’d like a vacation. He also opens a world of possibilities for her. I mean, how often does one get to travel in time and space. Her curiosity piqued, she has to say yes. And since he kissed her, since they saved the hospital together, she has a steadily growing crush on the alien.

During her travels with the Doctor, much more is revealed about Martha’s character. On the relatively innocuous but fun side, she is a flirt. She appreciates good-looking men and doesn’t see anything wrong with harmless flirting. And it has worked out for her. How many women can say they are the subjects in a Shakespearian sonnet?

On the more serious side, we learn how much mettle Martha is made out of. Again proving that the fate of the Doctor, Jack, her family, and the world is more important that her life, Martha escapes the Valiant and walks the Earth for a year experiencing hunger, bitter cold, and other hardships. On her way, she watches as the Master and his Spheres slaughter people by the dozens and send the rest to camps if they can. She brings happiness where she can… tells stories everywhere to get people thinking about the Doctor. Tells them what to do when the countdown happens. It’s clear during her travels that she never really let herself feel any of the pain and hurt. The only time she allows herself to cry is after the slaughter of Japan. From there, she buries everything in order to make it through the apocalypse.

She calmly accepts her death at the end of the year, kneeling and bowing her head. Or so everyone things. But cunning Martha has one more trick up her sleeve. Aside from the fact that she is not afraid to die in order to help others, she actually laughs in the face of death before schooling the Master on his arrogance and how she saved the world.

And when the whole Doctor resurrection occurs, Martha’s first reaction is to run to her family. Hold them. Make sure they are safe. Again, she shows the audience just how important her family is to her. She couldn’t bear to see them imprisoned before, and now she will stay with them to help them heal from the tragedy that only a handful of people remember.

Martha clearly has common sense as well. She leaves the Doctor in the end of it all letting him know that she needs to move on with her life or she’ll be stuck. She’ll always love him though when all is said and done. But with time away from him… she can move on.

Last but not least, the Paradox Year left some deep emotional scars. Martha will show signs of PTSD. Most notably she has nightmares, but she also prefers smaller groups of people rather than larger ones, and loud noises do startle her.


Martha broke her arm jumping off a swing when she was younger. She was fascinated by the healing process and decided from then on she wanted to be a doctor. Everything she did from that point forward aided her in becoming a doctor. At age 23, she was part of a fellowship at the Royal Hope Hospital in London. It was here that she crossed paths with The Doctor. Impressed with how she handled herself during the Judoon’s takeover of the hospital, he invited Martha to travel with him for two trips. She ended up staying longer, trying and failing to catch The Doctor’s notice. They picked up Jack Harkness along the way and their travels took them to a remote world 3 trillion years in the Earth’s future where they discovered the last of the human race trying to find more space to move into. There, they met a Professor Yana, a Time Lord in disguise. The Time Lord was the Master, a particularly crazy and dangerous rival of The Doctor.

The Master stole the TARDIS and took it back to Earth. Martha, Jack, and the Doctor managed to get back to Earth with Jack’s Vortex Manipulator. They arrived a day after the election or four days after Martha had met The Doctor. Harold Saxon, i.e. The Master had been elected Prime Minister and had made contact with an alien species known as the Toclafane.

The trio spent the next twelve hours or so on the run. Finally, The Doctor made a Perception Filter out of the TARDIS keys and a microchip. People wouldn’t notice the trio standing around. They decided to stop the Master’s plan and Vortex Manipulated onto the Valiant. There they watched the Toclafane kill the American President and The Master wreak havoc. Their plans to stop him failed as Jack got killed momentarily and the Master suspended The Doctor’s regeneration powers causing him to get very very old. Martha received some final instructions from the Doctor before using Jack’s Vortex Manipulator to transport down to the Earth

From there, she began walking the Earth telling stories of the Doctor to all that would listen. She talked to survivor groups, eventually hooking up with The Underground in France. From there she traveled across Asia and fell off the grid a bit in Japan. She escaped Japan on the last ship out to San Fransisco before the Master burned Japan to the ground. Martha made it the rest of the way across America and came back to London with a gun and stories of a weapon to kill the Master. Here she met Tom Milligan and learns the Toclafane are the humans she met trillions of years in the future.

In a safehouse in London, Martha tells the refugees a story of the Doctor. Just as she admits she loves him, The Master comes down the street calling for her and threatening to kill everyone in his way to finding her. She agrees to come with him to the Valiant. There, he brings in her family and Jack and orders her to kneel so he can kill her. As he monologues about how she sucks as a companion, she laughs in his face and explains what her mission actually was. With people all across the world praying for the Doctor while tuned into the 15 archangel satellites, theDoctor reverts to his 900 year old form and after much struggle, the world reverts back to the moment just after the President dies. The Master dies by his wife’s hand, and the Year never happened to anyone except those on the Valiant.

After dropping her family and Jack off at their respective homes, Martha tells the Doctor she will not be traveling with him anymore. We see her call Tom Milligan, the pediatrician who helped her during the Paradox Year. While she doesn't talk to him, and while we know he doesn't remember her, Martha does orchestrate a relationship with him.

Martha becomes a medical officer for UNIT, probably due to some string pulling from the Doctor. She visits Torchwood to help with a case, eventually going undercover and, being Martha, putting herself in danger to solve it. Though we know she is dating a Doctor who saved her life, she does flirt shamelessly with Owen. She witnesses Owen's death and subsequent "resurrection." Again, she is attacked by something. Poor Martha. After helping save the day and thoroughly ingratiating herself with the Torchwood crew, she goes back to London.

Between now and the next time we see her, Tom proposes to Martha. This is evident by the ring on her finger during the Sontaren incident. She calls the Doctor (and Donna) to help UNIT figure out what is wrong with a certain company. Unfortunately for Martha, she is taken hostage and cloned. In the end, the clone dies so Martha may live.

Just before going home however, the TARDIS kidnaps Martha and takes her, the Doctor, and Donna to a planet experiencing a Civil War between the humans and an alien race called the Hath. In the course of the fighting, Martha ends up on the Hath side of things. She manages to keep them from killing her and shows them that not all humans are bad. However, she needs to find her friends on the other side of the war. A Hath warrior she helped comes with her and dies saving her life. (So many people die for her, it's not even funny.) She does meet up with the Doctor and Donna just in time to see the Doctor's Daughter, Jenny, die. The war ends though and the two races try to make peace, which is the signal for the Doctor and his companions to go home. We presume Martha goes home to Tom.

In the season 4 finale, Martha is in New York with UNIT. The Daleks invade her base, and she uses Project Indigo to teleport out of there directly disobeying Jack's orders. Everything thinks she's dead, but luckily Martha shows up back home in England. She patches herself into the not!Skype call with Harriet Jones, Torchwood, the Doctor, and Sarah Jane. While the Doctor and Donna are busy getting kidnapped, she makes her way to Germany and threatens to blow up the Earth so the Daleks can't follow through on their dastardly plan.

The Daleks prove to be one step ahead of her though, and transport her to their own ship. The Doctor/Donna defeats them however and Martha gets to be one of six people to fly the TARDIS and tow the Earth back home. As she's disembarking with Jack, he offers her a job at Torchwood.

Sometime after this, Tom breaks off their engagement. It's around here that she typically enters most games.


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